launched my business at fifteen years old, shooting senior portraits and delivering the photos on a CD before first period bell rang. My business cards were embarrassing, but I was so proud to be a budding entrepreneur!

A year later, my first official wedding season began thanks to a lovely couple who asked me to be their wedding photographer, despite the fact that I had never even attended a wedding before. Spoiler alert: it turned out great!

Before heading off to college in Boston, I interned with a commercial photographer, then went on to study medium and large format film photography in school. My experiences on commercial sets and in the darkroom helps me bring a unique perspective to a wedding day for my couples - fine art inspiration meets magazine-worthy direction and editing.

My passion is bringing couples out of their shell, seeing the joy and excitement when a parent witnesses a great milestone in their child's life, and preserving the big and small moments of each and every wedding day for decades to come. After 13 years in business, I've made it my mission to serve couples with the most elevated, organized, professional, and easeful wedding experience possible.


I’m Lena, your wedding photography expert, artist, director, family wrangler, and organization queen. A little about me:

The Award-Winning Boston Wedding Photographer (and rival of the energizer bunny) who can make even the most serious dad crack a smile

Meet your new hype woman and wedding expert




I live in Boston with my best bud of 8 years / rap connoisseur Paul, who had a crush on me in high school art class. I was blissfully unaware of his presence and admiration until we started dating years later in college. You could say he’s a big Lena fan with a lot of patience (thankfully)

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I like to pretend I’m a Food Network star in my kitchen, which is stocked with every polka dot appliance Kate Spade makes. Cooking and baking is a relaxing and rewarding hobby for me, and I'm always down for recipe swaps!

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At any given time, it's a safe bet that I'm in Chinatown with a belly full of pho and a bubble tea in each hand. When I'm not shooting, I'm dreaming of dumplings, dim sum, and Pad Thai in my pajamas with a little Bravo marathon!

dumplings, dim sum, and more

The best thing about my job is that it’s so much more than a job - it is truly my calling, and I love sharing that passion and excitement with my couples!  I can guarantee genuine smiles out of your friends and family with me by your side.

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