10 Things I Love – And how that can help YOU!


Something that is SUPER important in all aspects of business is connecting with your clients – potential, present, and past. When you’re having a conversation with a bride and groom to be, you gush over shared interests, laugh over stories, and connect with each other. But, you can actually do that before you’ve even met them. HOW? By sprinkling hints of things you love throughout your online presence.

Story – I signed with an incredible stock agency after their art buyer found me through Twitter, then read on my website that I loved pretending to cook like a Food Network Pro. She emailed me connecting over that, and the rest was history.

We become friends with people because of common interests – and the BEST thing about being a photographer and meeting so many people is becoming their FRIEND! In the end, your ideal client will have a lot in common with you, so the more you connect with people on a personal level, the more potential friends and clients you attract! So don’t be afraid to have a section on your website dedicated to the things you love, or your favorite movies and food, or share little snippets about your life on Facebook on Instagram. It’s time to make some friends!

Without further ado, here is my list of

10 Things I Love!




1) Snuggling. I am a cuddle fiend. Like a cat, except human sized.

2) J. Cole. Hip-hop with an important message; rapped and sung by an incredible human.

3) Traveling. Boarding a plane is like second nature to me – have passport, will travel.

4) French manicures. I get my nails done maybe once a year, but a sparkly gel french mani just makes me feel oh so pretty.

5) LUSH. I am obsessed with every Lush product. They have the friendliest and happiest employees, hand make all their products with fresh ingredients + without toxic chemicals, do not test on animals, and are extremely socially and environmentally conscious. Whether it’s washing my face at night with Ocean Salt or showering with Honey I Washed The Kids and Curly Wurly, I get a little happy rush whenever I use anything from Lush.

6) Couponing. I’m a bargain hunting, coupon wielding princess. I love sales on sales plus coupons, as well as the high that comes after getting what you need for next to nothing. Every time I return from the grocery store, I call at least two people announcing my steals and deals and how cheap I got chicken breasts per pound.

7) Asian food and drink. If anyone knows me, they know that they can usually find me in Chinatown. I’m big on Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, Chinese snacks and juices, and the mother of all my loves – bubble tea, which is Taiwanese.

8) Surprises; giving and receiving. I love surprising people (and not in the scare you with a spider and record it way) – and I love when people surprise me, too.

9) Documentaries. I really enjoy learning new things and being introduced to ideas to which I would have never otherwise been exposed.

10) Rainy days. Okay, so for shooting, I need golden sunshine. But I’m actually super productive on rainy/cloudy days – unless I’m outside, then I hate getting my hair wet!





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