But Lena, we’re SUPER awkward…




The biggest pain point my couples have…

…is that they worry about looking and feeling AWKWARD in front of the camera. They don’t like being photographed and they’re worried they’re going to be uncomfortable on their wedding day.

Real talk here. I get it. Being in front of a camera is the LAST thing you want to do, but it’s your wedding, sooo you know you have to. I want your wedding photography to feel like less of an obligation and instead, all about experiencing the most joyful, fun, and fulfilling day of your life – AND being able to relive every moment and every feeling for the rest of your life.⁠

Because you have a sassy photo-taking sidekick with you… you get to be fully present in the moment. Put your phone on airplane mode for the day and just HAVE SOME FUN! I’ve got you covered! When’s the last time you did that!?




On your wedding day, you LOOK incredible, feel so much joy and emotion… that’s the best time to be photographed! If the average photographer sprinkles some magic into every session… ✨ I back up a mack truck full of glitter, champagne, and high pitched screams and dump it all over you. Sound ridiculous? Go big or go home baby

I can turn awkward into fabulous in 0.3 seconds with my energy, excitement, and colorful jokes every time. Don’t worry though, I’m not gonna drop the f word in front of your grandma. I’m a classy lady when I need to be. So if you want more than a boring photographer taking your obligatory wedding photos… you know who to call Take it from one of my brides from October -⁠

“You can’t learn how to be a hype girl, it just happens! Lena’s energy is a big reason she’s a great photographer. She knows how to elicit huge, genuine smiles and wrangle your family members like nobody else. My husband and I felt so comfortable being our goofy, lovable selves with her behind the camera.”



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