I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

Generally speaking… it’s pretty easy to become a wedding photographer. It’s not that hard to purchase a DSLR, buy some presets to edit in the latest trendy style, get a sleek website template and site within a few days, and attend styled shoots to build a very good looking portfolio… on the surface.

No matter WHO you choose to be your wedding photographer – MAKE SURE you see full wedding galleries. Not just one. Like, 3, 5, 10. Feel free to ask for more! The more start to finish coverage you see, the better. Weird lighting situations, rainy days, indoor and outdoor ceremonies… all of it.




Ask your photographer how they personally handle uncomfortable family situations, divorced parents, etc. Make sure they have a list of family photos ready before the big day to work off of. Pretty photos are nice, but not when the sun is at an awful angle and your photographer can’t come up with a game plan for your family photos without getting spotty light on your faces but staying close to the door because grandma can’t walk very far. Throw in a screaming, crying flower girl while we’re at it!




We’re a few days away from being TEN years in business, which means I’ve got a game plan for whatever situation a wedding day throws at me. I have liability insurance to cover accidents and will provide your venue with a certificate. I bring backup gear including multiple lenses, camera bodies, flashes, batteries, memory cards, you name it. Also, band-aids, bobby pins, chapstick, umbrellas… I shoot on two cards at once, so I leave a wedding with a backup of your wedding, then upload the photos to multiple hard drives, Dropbox, and the cloud. I’m a lightning fast boutonniere pinner and I can sew on a button in a snap. I’ve made last minute adjustments for pouring rain, lightning storms, 45mph winds, 98 degree heat, all of it.⁠

If you want an expert on your wedding day… ‍♀️ let’s chat.

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