Behind the Scenes with Lena: 2020




2020…. what a year.

Let’s break it down by the numbers!

  • 32 weddings photographed with a mask

  • 7 photographed without a mask (take me back)

  • 1 destination wedding in Cancun with the only dance floor of the whole year (it was a great one though)

  • 2 giraffes met at my first ever styled shoot

  • 20 portrait sessions photographed

  • 6 luxury real estate lifestyle shoots – a new speciality of mine (check them out here)

  • 9 print + online features in blogs and magazines

  • 3 kick-ass photographers coached

  • 26 cute masks purchased

  • 9 disposable cameras filled

  • 13,192 miles driven, most of them aimlessly because we were bored and needed to get out of the house

  • 2 trips to the White Mountains

  • 200+ bubble teas drank (I started making at home then lost count)

  • 0 lenses or camera bodies smashed (lol)

  • 68 new recipes made in the kitchen (still got 3 more days though, I’m gonna hit at least 70)

  • 4 books read (I couldn’t put down David Chang’s Eat A Peach)

  • 3 trips to Florida before this bullshit began

  • 109 hikes at the Middlesex Fells Reservation

  • 26347829 hours of Netflix watched




Personally, I got serious about my health! I went to the gym 4x/week before Corona hit, and I got a stationary bike and turned my closet into Planet Fitness in March. Paul and I stayed active, taking advantage of the lack of rush hour Boston traffic (and the flexibility of working from home) and went for TONS of walks and hikes. We completed 109 “loops” at the Fells in August, and have hiked another 60+ times in MA and NH. A month into Coronatime, we pretty much stopped drinking alcohol. We both wear a WHOOP, which are wearable fitness, sleep, and recovery trackers. The device has COVID monitoring tools, and picks up the body’s internal changes days before you’d feel symptoms. If you wake up “in the red” with a low recovery score, it could indicate that you’re getting sick. But drinking alcohol also leads to red recoveries as your body processes alcohol while you sleep, so we decided to keep our baselines as clean as possible. We drank a bottle of champagne for birthdays and when Biden was elected. 4 times since April! Our bodies are probably thanking us greatly.

Back to work stuff… so, typically I shoot at least 15 weddings per year with a second shooter… and this year I had ONE with a second shooter (the amazing Fergie Medar!) I may not have a plethora of “professional” BTS photos, but I’ve got lotssss of selfies, phone snaps, and even behind the scenes photos taken by my favorite officiant who worked tons of weddings with me this year, Priscilla! ENJOY!!!




For the best wedding + elopement inspo: head over to the blog to see the best of the best weddings, elopements, and engagement sessions of 2020! #yearofthemicrowedding

Even more fun: peep my Instagram pinned stories – click on the “Behind the Scenes 2020” one to see exclusive videos and photos that aren’t on the blog!

Hungry? If you’ve seen my “Foodie” pinned stories on Instagram, here are all the recipes!




Here’s to making the most of this wild year!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I photographed all weddings after March 20th with a mask – snuggly group photos, maskless photos, etc were all taken prior.

And the beloved


(in chronological order)

Thank you for all your love, patience, and support – I couldn’t have done it without you.

There was a time where I didn’t know if I would be able to work this year. I had no idea if weddings would be totally canceled, or if I’d be left without a job or financial stability. There were some really, really scary low points this year. But this year turned out to be wonderful. Very different, but magical in its own way. Almost all of my weddings were postponed, cancelled, or downsized, and I ended up booking elopements on those original dates. I would have never met so many new, incredible couples who are cherished friends now, and I’m so grateful for that. So many couples cared about my safety and health and were flexible when it came to what their day would look like because of that. You all are incredible. You made a dark year into something bright, beautiful, and a blast. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I cannot wait to hug everyone I see soon. I miss hugging SO MUCH!!!!

Here’s to a happier and healthier year in 2021!





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