A surprise proposal in Seaport, Boston




Cole and Sam have been together for 11 years, down to the day of the proposal. They love trying new restaurants, sipping craft cocktails, going brewery hopping, being outdoors (especially surfing and skiing), and of course, binge watching the last trendy show on Netflix/HBO/Hulu. They’ve been together since high school, but Cole always told Sam that he was waiting until he turned 30 to get engaged… leaving Sam with NO idea what was coming her way. The rest will be told by Cole:

“Although I’ve known since 2010 that Sam would be my future wife, the thought didn’t actually start to become a reality until April 2017; yes, at that point we had been together for 9 years! I remember repeatedly asking myself, where the hell do I even start?! Much to my surprise, the photos of rings Sam had been sending me on a daily basis for the past 8+ years would actually come in handy. With a great deal of research, I was able to identify the jeweler and begin the process. The next year or so would be met with many challenges, from finding the right rock— I mean diamond (which, come to find out stopped being hand-cut in the 1890’s), to a proposal spot that would be meaningful to us both. All while not being too over the top. Growing up I always envisioned getting engaged would be something along the lines of: (1) go to a store, (2) buy a ring, (3) get down on one knee and (4) BOOM! It’s done. Well, no one ever tells you about all of the logistical details that have to fall perfectly in line to make that special day, special. Fortunately, I was able to find Lena early on in the process of picking a location to propose to Sam… and let me tell you, boy am I lucky I did!! She immediately was able to provide the information I had been coming short of learning on my own. All while doing so with a level of enthusiasm I never thought possible!”

Ok, back to the proposal… 😉 Sam truly didn’t see any of it coming, Cole brought her to the mapped out spot and got her into position, and gave Sam the shock of her life. He whipped out a bottle of champagne and glasses from his backpack and it was time to celebrate! It was 55 and sunny, which is unseasonably warm for November, and they truly had the perfect day to walk down Fan Pier Park in Seaport, run around the ICA deck, and end on Seaport Boulevard doing their signature piggyback. CONGRATS Cole & Sam!!! We did it!! <333

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