The Watermelon Effect and why you need it TODAY



“The Watermelon Effect” is a term first coined on a podcast I was interviewed on. There’s a delicious BBQ restaurant called The Smoke Shop in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA. Paul and I love the patio in the summer, and even more, the fried chicken platter. This particular fried chicken platter consisted of a half fried chicken, two sides, and cornbread.

The first time we visited, the server brought us our order, and there was a bright pink slice of watermelon on the platter. I was SO EXCITED!!! I was surprised at this refreshing addition to the plate, especially because it wasn’t listed on the menu. Before taking ONE BITE of the food, I was ready to write them a glowing review on Yelp and tell everyone I know how amazing The Smoke Shop is.

We’ve been there dozens of time since, and now we know to expect the watermelon (along with juicy chicken and the best sweet collard greens and mashed), but that first time set the stage for great experiences to come.

Something as simple as a $0.50 slice of fruit on my plate set them apart from other dining experiences and exceeded all expectations.

So where am I this going, other than to Cambridge for fried chicken? Give your customers a piece of watermelon. It doesn’t have to be caviar. It’s cool if it is, but it’s truly the thought that counts. Go the extra mile to surprise them with something off-menu that they’re not expecting. Maybe it’s a hand-written note, or a Starbucks card at the holidays, extra hours of your time, ANYTHING. The possibilities are endless and so much fun to plan. 

Go above and beyond whenever you can. Your clients will feel so special and loved, you’ll grow a very loyal fan (and referral) base, and you can spread JOY through the little things in life.


The famous watermelon and fried chicken platter

The famous watermelon and fried chicken platter

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