How To Guarantee A Phone-Free Ceremony



How To Ensure Your Guests Really Put Their Phones Down For You Unplugged Ceremony

We all know that unplugged ceremonies are the way to go! But… sometimes guests STILLLL whip their phones out to snap photos. You put up a sign, maybe even made an announcement… but you get your gallery back from the photographer and can see that Aunt Karen has her iPhone out! DANG!

The best way to avoid this scenario is do ALL THREE OF THESE THINGS:

  1. Put up a sign. Announce the unplugged ceremony and that the couple wishes to save the phones for the reception and be present for the ceremony

  2. Have your officiant make an announcement before the procession begins. Language is important – the COUPLE requests you leave your phones in your pockets and be present. Tell them they can take a million photos for the rest of the day, just not for the next 15 minutes

  3. LET THEM TAKE PHOTOS! Hear me out – the officiant tells everyone no phones. Then have them say something along the lines of, “But I know you want to savor this moment forever, so everyone, on the count of 3, take out your phones, snap a photo, then put it away for the remainder of the ceremony.” This gives the people what they want so they’re less likely they break the rules and whip their phone out later. Instead of telling them NO COOKIES… give them the cookie at the beginning to make them behave this can be done before the couple is present, or after the family + wedding party is seated and the couple is up front. 

Guests aren’t doing this to deliberately disrespect the couple – they just realllly want a photo to share, to remember the moment, to capture the beautiful scene unfolding in front of them. But – that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t put their phones down for 15 minutes after being asked to. You can still have the ceremony you’re dreaming of, without devices interrupting or in your photos, AND satisfy your guests with this trick. WIN WIN!



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