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Let’s talk about TIPPING! ⁠⠀

Traditionally, you would tip a wedding photographer who works for a studio, because that photographer was probably sharing their wages with the studio. You would not tip a “solo” photographer or studio owner. But that was when large studios were the bread and butter of wedding photography. The focus on unique shooting and editing styles and customized experiences for couples mainly came with the onset of digital photography in the mid-2000’s. Nowadays, MOST photographers are sole proprietors, one man / woman shows or small teams, not 20-50 person studios cranking out hundreds of weddings.⁠⠀

Quick stats after 10 seasons…

– Tips are 100%, 10000% not expected. I do not ever show up to any wedding day expecting a tip. If I do get one, it is a genuine surprise⁠⠀
– 30-40% of my couples tip⁠⠀
– The average elopement tip is $50-150, weddings $100-300. I’ve had $20 tips and $500 tips, regardless, they are all MUCH appreciated⁠⠀
– Photography tips are not percentage based like the service industry because our prices are higher to begin with. Tip a flat rate!⁠⠀
– 20% tip on their online invoice before the session, 80% day of at the end of the session⁠⠀
– If you’re unsure whether to tip, bring a $100 bill with you in case and if your photographer makes you feel like a million bucks, you had a blast, and they really went above and beyond – that’s when to tip⁠⠀
– I truly don’t mind if a couple doesn’t tip. Again – completely unexpected. They probably just paid me hella money to shoot their wedding! I price my services at what they need to be, not $100 less hoping they’ll slip me some bills⁠⠀
– If a couple DOES tip, wowza it’s like I won the lottery. I usually use it on FUN things like boba, or dinner out, or some new goodie on Amazon, etc.

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