The #1 Secret to Rocking a Double Header Weekend

How to rock a double header wedding weekend!




So you just got an inquiry in your inbox. A couple wants to book you! But you have a wedding the night before. You’re wondering whether you can handle back to back days. The answer is YES! You can totally rock a double or triple header weekend with these key tips.

Organization is the key to success.

The best thing to do is to buy TONS of memory cards and batteries. I write on dual cards to Sandisk 64GB SD and Sandisk 64GB CF cards. I also have 8 Canon batteries. I shot with cheap knockoffs for years, and they don’t last or function as well as genuine Canon or Nikon ones.

Print out your family lists and timeline and place them on a desk. Then, format your cards, charge your batteries, and assign them to each wedding. I know that I use 2 64GB CFs and 2-4 batteries per wedding. So, I set out that amount of cards and batteries for each wedding (of course with a few extra 32GB cards in my bag)

This way, when you get home from a wedding, you can back up the files, edit sneak peeks, and not worry about throwing batteries on the charger or accidentally formatting the wrong card (been there, done that).

Once you have the tech stuff down, prep your outfits beforehand, keep your gear clean, pack tons of flash batteries (I buy mine in prepackaged 4 packs from Amazon for CHEAP!), and take a nice hot shower or epson salt bath in-between weddings. Drink lots of water, have a good breakfast, and treat your body right. It will be exhausting, but worth it!

Do you have any tried and true ways to rock a double header? Tell us in the comments!




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