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Let’s be honest here. Instagram is a huge headache sometimes.

Algorithms change. You never know what to caption your photos. Do hashtags even DO anything!? There isn’t a road map for this elusive platform that seems to be filled with pretty people doing pretty things in their pretty lives.

But, there is one thing that has eliminated the stress of social planning and freed up my time deciding, posting, and deleting: LATER!

Later is an Instagram scheduling app. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?!

You drag and drop on your calendar and preview your grid on the website or app. You can schedule the time and write the caption, and when it’s time to post, it pushes a notification, photo, and caption to your phone to post on Instagram. You never have to worry if a picture “fits” in the grid anymore. Even better, you can push the photo to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest at the same time (and it posts natively! not just a link!) You can tag images in the Later library by color scheme or name (wedding, family, personal, selfies, travel, etc) – which means re-using images based on your current feed just got easier.

So basically, you can schedule posts on ALL YOUR SOCIAL CHANNELS for free.

Now you can spend 15 minutes each week (or two!) and plan your social calendar. You have a platform and a voice – BE INTENTIONAL with the content you are posting. No more scrambling what to post, no more emoji-only captions, phone snaps, or four day streaks of radio silence.

You get 30 posts/month FREE (once a day is perfect for most people) – but if you want more, you sign up with my referral link to get an extra 10 posts free per month!



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