How To Make Boba Tea at Home



Want to learn how to make boba tea at home?

Let me show you how!

Here’s what you need:

– Tapioca pearls / boba

– Tea (black, green, oolong, etc)

– Flavoring: syrup or powder

– Fine mesh strainer

– Brown sugar

– Wide boba straw

– Creamer (heavy cream, non dairy, soy milk, etc)


Art by Genevieve Santos // @lepetitelephant

Art by Genevieve Santos // @lepetitelephant



Here’s where I get my supplies:

Buying in bulk will save you SO much more than buying on Amazon. Syrup is $22 on Amazon and $9 on here. Jelly is $25 on Amazon and $8 on here. Shipping is around $20, which is miles cheaper than EVERY other boba wholesaler, who charge $20-75 for shipping. I did the research on dozens of suppliers – save yourself the time and just get your supplies from here. 

– Tea Zone original tapioca – $6 for 7lbs

– Tea Zone syrups – I love lychee, mango, grapefruit, and passion fruit, $9 for 5.5lbs

– Tea Zone lychee coconut jelly, $12 for 8.8lbs

– Boba Direct powder – I love honeydew, coconut, and thai milk tea, $10 for 2lbs

Syrups are best for fruit flavors, powder best for milk flavors.

Warning: you can buy small bags of “instant” boba on Amazon or in Asian grocery stores that boils in 5 minutes – this stuff is GARBAGE. It is the worst boba you can buy. No matter where you find boba, just make sure it’s the stuff you have to boil for 30-45 minutes.

My initial startup cost was around $80, but that included multiple syrups, jellies, boba, etc. I’d suggest starting with your two favorite flavors or one fruit and one milk tea. The boba alone will yield you around 70 teas (for $6, remember). I’m talking XL ones, because a large 32oz mason jar is larger than the average large tea from a tea shop. The syrups? Who knows, I’m still on my first jugs after 11 months.  A large one topping drink from a boba shop is $5.50-7.00, so I’d say this is a pretty good investment that pays for itself after 8-9 teas at home.





1) Bring a saucepan of water to boil

2) Add 1/2 cup of boba per drink (2 drinks = 1 cup, 4 drinks = 2 cups) and boil on low with the lid almost on (but with room to steam or it will leak all over your stove) for 45 minutes.

3) When the timer is up, drain boba in a wire strainer and return to pot

4) Add a spoon full of brown sugar and mix until dissolved

5) Let sit with lid on for 30-60+ minutes

6) Make your tea mix. If making a fruit tea, make a pitcher or glass of iced tea earlier in the day (hot water, sugar, tea bags, put in fridge). Take out when ready to make boba, pour in a large mason jar, add desired toppings (jelly, pudding, aloe, popping boba, etc) and add a hefty pour of your flavored syrup, to taste. 

If making milk tea varieties, experiment with non-dairy creamer or soy milk as a base, then add scoops of the powder. Some powders are unsweetened, so you will have to add sugar or simple syrup to taste. For Thai iced tea, add some black iced tea, some creamer, then the Thai tea powder.

7) Add your boba and some ice cubes

8) Put a lid on the mason jar and shake shake shake!

9) Grab a wide boba straw and you’re done!





– Boba does not last overnight. It will get hard on the inside and slimy on the outside. It’s downright gross. So unfortunately, boba is something you should make and consume within 4 hours for best results. 

– If I want boba with dinner, I typically start boiling around 4:00pm for the boba to be cooked, slightly cooled, and ready by 6:00pm.




Questions? Comments?

Looking for the best boba tea shops in Boston, NYC, LA, and beyond? Click here!

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